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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Technologies India's (Tech I ) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) use tried & tested processes to make your web site search engine friendly. We will optimize every page of your site & in addition customize your web site from a Search Engine Optimization view point for your industry, adding pages that will significantly increase the quantity & quality of traffic flow into your site.Technologies India's (Tech I ) provide realistic time frames for our clients so that they know from the outset how long top rankings will take. To date, we have achieved all bar one of our contracts within the initial quoted time. Search Engine optimization lies in the foundation of effective Internet marketing. On line existence can never be fecund until it is easily visible on the front most pages of search engine. Search engine optimization is a singleton technique to acquire higher page ranking. Search engine optimization is a decisive factor of promotion of any web page. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures the higher ranking of the website. Search engine optimization is a technique to grab maximum quantity and quality of E-traffic.

Websites listed after the first two or three pages of the search results are unlikely to get any traffic. If your site does not rank well you are losing potential customers. Top positions for popular search terms can be lucrative and these websites are likely to have undergone Search Engine Optimization. Each website is unique & hence our website promotion / SEO plans differs from website to website. Getting top search engine rankings is important, not only for increasing visitors to your website, but also for conversion to sales.

This is a very important process, because even though you now have a web site, you need to make sure that people can find it!

Our Process for SEO services:

  • Submission of your website to Search Engine in which your website address or URL is being submitted to a search Engine for inclusion within its index so that your website can be it can be found when the relevant query is typed into a search Engine.
  • We will have a monthly analysis for your website ranking. It generally gives the rank in terms of position of your website in the search engine so that you can have the idea of where others are in terms of search.
  • SEO working starts with the market research to find out what exactly are the most search items in terms to the product or service of your company.
  • Website Optimization is another SEO process of optimizing a webpage for high search engine rankings for a particular search term or set of terms.
  • we will also do the research to find out the most popular url's so as to measure of how popular a webpage is on the internet as measured by the number of inbound links pointing to your webpage.
  • We will also give the clients the report which shows that how many visitors are there for your websites and also how many of those actually converted into clients. So that you can actually calculate the cost of conversion which is known as return on investment.
  • The maintenance for this service will ensure that your website will be continues in the rankings and accordingly increases its rankings with new SEO upgrades.

This SEO plan will increase the traffic to your website and thus increase in the sales and thus max the profit.