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Airline Reservation System (B2B B2C)


Airline reservation systems are an interface between the consumer and the airline company that allows the consumer to book, rearrange and cancel air travel throughout the world. And while that sounds pretty simple, the interfaces are quite complex. With tens of thousands of flights occurring every day, prices constantly fluctuating and schedules ever changing, it's wise to learn a few of the terms you'll come across when using an airline reservation system for use in your personal life or business travel. A Computer Reservation System is used for the reservations of a particular airline and interfaces with a Global Distribution System (GDS) which supports travel agencies and other distribution channels in making reservations for most major airlines in a single system.

Airline Reservations System functionality includes:

  • Internet Booking Engines for reservation
  • Reservation/Booking Management
  • Airline Hosting System and Services
  • Airline Scheduling
  • Fares Engine
  • Internet Booking Engine Statistical Module
  • Airline Inventory Hosting & Management
  • Airline IBE Hosting
  • XML interfaces for distribution of airline system data
  • Travel Agent Reservations
  • Full GDS Type A & Type B reservation connectivity
  • Direct Access from all GDS systems for reservations
  • GDS E-Ticketing
  • Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan, Galileo, Abacus
  • Interline with other Airlines
  • IATA Interline Eticket (IET)
  • IDEC Interline Settlement for IET
  • Airport Departure Control System Module
  • PNL export to other Airport Departures Control Systems
  • Airport APIS (APP) transmissions
  • Reservation Reporting Modules
  • 3rd party system interfaces
  • Scalable database system for all sizes of airline
  • Hosting of other systems

Technologies India Airline Reservation System provides a modern, flexible reservations and inventory management solutions for Airlines including call centre, travel agency, internet engine, GDS and interline booking. By implementing the system, airlines can ensure that reservations can be generated not only by their own airline staff, but also by any travel agent using a GDS system. Airline Reservations Systems include airline schedules, ticket tariffs, commuter reservations and ticket records. An Airline's direct allocation works within their own reservation system, as well as pushing out information to the GDS. A second type of direct distribution channel is customers who use the internet or mobile applications to make their own reservations. Travel agencies and other indirect distribution channels access the same GDS as those accessed by the Airlines' Reservation Systems, and all messaging is transmitted by a standardized messaging system that functions primarily on TTY messaging called SITA. There is a new product developed from this experience is a web booking interface which connects to any airline host system. We have provided many of these interfaces to various international airlines who have 3rd party legacy systems to sell direct to the public.