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Travel Package Booking Engine


As a Wholesale or Retail Travel Agency, why not maximise your return on investment (ROI) with the sale of Travel Packages through the Web?

With the use of the latest tools available, you are able to offer your clients the Travel Packages On-line, offer your Packages to Retail Agents, or end-consumers, always with a Secure Payment Channel.

With the Travel Package Booking Engine, you can :

Offer a truly International look Website.

Don't waste your site visitor's time asking them the language that they wish to read your information in, use the dynamic tools available, offer seamless comfort for your potential clients.

Reply to your client's requests, without any delay.

Design your Travel Package from top to bottom, including the descriptions, prices and allotments available for each one.

Sell your Travel Packages On-line, with Retailer Travel Agencies and final buyers feeling safe doing business with you, by using an encrypted, secure payment channel. Offer additional services, adding value to your Package for your clients and also generating additional profits for your business.

Offer a detailed breakdown of the Package price, prior to your client purchasing it.

Manage the content of your Website dynamically and immediately, without any prior Programming knowledge.

Add as much content to your site as you wish, with photographs, descriptions, and more, thus creating an interesting site for the potential customer, which is also highly appreciated by all the major search engines.

Manage all your bookings from one same access point, with by-the-second detail on every step carried out throughout the Booking process.

Offer your Website to Retail Agents who will have password protected access, and who can receive commissions and discounts according to the rules that you set up for each Agent on your site.

Receive all the relevant statistics relating to your site visitors' behaviour and the Search Engines.

Easily extract listings that can be issued to the different Suppliers that supply the different products and services